I am so thrilled that you are considering Flute lessons!  This may well be the key to years of pleasure and accomplishment for you, as you open the door to the universal language – MUSIC!  The joy of music touches our lives daily and at times we all wish to become participants, not merely observers.  Perhaps you have heard the phrase “I love music, but don’t have any ability.”  This is not a true statement.  The potential to develop musical talent is within everyone.  It’s 95% work and 5% natural talent!  The secret to success in playing any musical instrument is practice.


If you as a parent or mature student are not serious about flute practice, your money spent on private flute lessons will profit you little.  Unfortunately, I possess no magic wands.  Even Beethoven taught that a student’s goals would only be reached in direct proportion to that student’s practice time.  Pleasures for a lifetime can be enjoyed if the foundation of practice time is laid!

Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule lessons.

Best wishes in your musical education!

Mrs. Karen Flanders


(540) 717-3728